Information on ear tags

Which ear tag is suitable for your sheep or goat?

For fattening lambs

For fattening lambs, we recommend the I&R ELDA clip or I&R Tagtronic.

For goat/sheep lambs
For goat or sheep lambs you are raising and will probably keep on your farm for several years, we recommend you attach one of the following ear tags:

  • I&R Bolus FDX-B + ELDA SG
  • I&R Tagtronic FDX-B

The type of ear tag you choose depends mainly on the animal breed, the housing and your personal preference. We will be happy to advise you.

Ear tag or bolus?
Green electronic ear tags are suitable for almost all animals. An alternative is the bolus with a grey ear tag. Boluses are the best options if you can only walk behind your animals in the milking parlour, as they are more convenient if you are using a reader. We also recommend you use a bolus if ear tags are often lost – noticed and unnoticed, for example because your animals are grazing in a nature reserve.

Always use the applicator pliers that come with the ear tags! This prevents several problems such as infections, loss of ear tags and damage to the electronic part of the tag when they are been applied.

If you are numbering all the animals, you will also definitely need two pliers to work quickly, regardless of the ear tag you use.

Bolus Applicator
When inserting boluses, you will need a bolus applicator and, of course, a pair of tagging pliers to insert the corresponding ear tag.

Always use the applicator pliers that come with the ear tags! This prevents more than half of the problems such as infections and loss of ear tags.

Always read the manual carefully before you start.
All the manuals are listed in the left-hand column on this page and can be downloaded or printed.