Herd Testing

Herd Testing

Regular herd testing is a vital investment in these times of high feed prices. By monitoring the milk regularly, the defective goats can be filtered out in time, which can significantly reduce costs in the future. The earlier you start, the sooner you can start selecting and saving costs.

  • A healthy farm invests now for a future
  • We have the solution for every form of milk sampling
  • Lists in various ways to process in EGAM goat management program, both own creation and approved lists with the BSG/LW module specially developed for the goat sector.
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Breeding values

Milk checks are the basis of successful breeding. Elda calculates new breeding values annually based on milk checks and electronic milk measurements. These long-term milk breeding values include the qualities of different goat family branches and milk measurements of all animals up to 730 days. This allows the most productive animals to be selected for breeding an even more successful generation of goats.

For the technical realization of the breeding values we work together with Wageningen University & Research. We also hold an annual breeding value sounding board meetings with stakeholders from the sector.