Readers / Handhelds

Reader for professional goat farms

Automatically record daily milk measurements and any mutations in EGAM without manual entry. Why waste valuable time typing when the process can be done for you?


  • Transfer data easily from the barn to your computer
  • Data can be directly processed in EGAM
  • Software fully compatible with EGAM
  • Fast input
  • Manually enter goat metrics or read out electronic responders, as needed
  • Works fluidly within barn environments
  • Optimized for both small and large herds
  • Daily mutations reported: Birth data, mating data, health treatments, pen mutations, waste drainage, mortality measurements
  • Herd testing
  • Selecting pens and checking animal data in the barn by transferring data from EGAM to our handheld device

Handheld is suitable for:

  • On-site entry of goat metrics
  • RFID scanning
  • HR-reader has a high capacity, which meets the requirements of professional goat keeping.


Label printer

Our mobile label printer can be connected to the handheld reader, and creates barcode stickers for related to routine tasks such as blood or milk testing. Our label printer also integrates with EGAM.

For more information: ELDA, phone +31 (0)161-294794.